Human Resource

We provide everything your business needs...

  • Recruitment Service--- $+

    - Selected Professional Candidates
    - Steady & Pay attention Candidate
    - Reduce Cost & Increase Profits

  • Job RequestFree

    - Find Out a Suitable Job
    - Find a More Developed Enterprise
    - Reduce Issue & Increase Income

  • Processional Training --- $+

    - Training Chinese Language
    - Tax Account Basic Training
    - Human Resource Basic Training

  • Labor Law Assist--- $+

    - Company Legal System Preparation
    - Assist on Increase Labor Effect
    - Labor Related Document Preparation

Companies can avoid the trouble of recruitment through human resource services, and the cost will be reduced. With the professional knowledge of compliance, the enterprise can better meet the requirements of different laws and regulations through human resources service. General human resources services have important industry certifications, which can provide professional knowledge for employees of the company. While saving time and resources, companies will be able to enjoy perfect and suitable employees and effectively find, screen, and train new talents. At the same time, they will be able to attract the best talents to join, which will affect and improve the overall performance of the company. Enhance the social reputation of the company and promote its future development.