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  • Logo Registrations400 $+

    - Personal Trademark Register
    - Company Trademark Register
    - Trademark extension and change of authorized person, etc.

  • Enterprise Registrations650 $+

    - Small Medium Large Enterprise Application
    - Brach Company &Sub-Company
    - Cancellation &Suspended , etc.

  • Renew MOA300 $+

    - Company Rename
    - Legal Person Shareholder Address Renew
    - Company Capital Renew, etc.

  • CDC Applicationxxx $

    - Factory Tax Exemption Application
    - Construction Tax Exemption Application
    - Agricultures Tax Exemption Application

Due to the long-standing China-Cambodia friendship and the establishment of the “Belt and Road”, as China and Cambodia have continuously increased their support for open investment and policy support, the strategic cooperative partnership between China and Cambodia has been further consolidated and has more Various types of companies been suitable for a variety of business operations. With convenient registration methods, simple information, and preferential investment policies, Cambodia gives foreign capital the same treatment as domestic capital. There are currently three types of companies in Cambodia: The Cambodia Limited Liability Company (LLC), The Cambodia branch (Branch), The Cambodia representative office (Representative office). At the same time, Cambodia has many advantages such as the implementation of a free economic policy, all industries are open to the outside world, and foreign investment is encouraged. There are four types of foreign investment which included sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation and leasing. Production enterprises can be wholly foreign-owned, and trading enterprises are not allowed to be wholly foreign-owned. The Cambodian government has also issued a series of laws and regulations and established regular consultation and dialogue mechanisms with investors. Recently, the country has just implemented a more convenient registration method. According to​ Sub-Decree No. 84 អនក្រ.បក issued by the Cambodian government on June 10, 2020, all companies involved in business must submitted the registration information through technology system.