Cambodia Friendship Business Consulting was established in January 2019. It has been legally approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Taxation, and other departments as a Cambodian Business Consultant and Tax Accountant Professional Services Co., Ltd. The company holds a professional qualification certificate for business consultants, a professional qualification certificate for tax return accountants, and a professional qualification certificate for lawyers’ service; and also have multiple commissioners who can provide services to customers in Chinese, English, and Khmer. Our company is also the first of all which is contact with foreign investors in Cambodia and provide various professional services related to business. The company specializes in multiple lines of business consultancy services and has won praise and recognition from many companies in terms of professionalism. Business services touch all the nuances of various industries; with a service model that changes according to needs, we will provide enterprises in various industries with the most commercially valuable consulting services, made-to-measure solutions, efficient and high-quality services, and maintain good cooperative relations with major companies at the time. At present, the company has provided services to 5000+ enterprises, Including business licenses for various objectives, monthly tax reports, annual tax reports, tax entanglement handling, company registration, company cancellation, legal counsel, labor law dispute settlement, driver’s license replacement, driver’s license examination, foreign employment card, visa extension, legal person modify, share transfer, Commercial website design, family tours, study tours, business tours, and other related services. We have a professional team with more than 10 years and greater experience. We can provide relevant business law and tax law consultants according to different company objectives, deal with various tax issues, various legal issues, and company management planning, etc.; we can help companies simplify difficult problems and trouble as a result of money save, time-saving, and confidentiality. In accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system, the company actively explores the market and provides all in one service for all entrepreneurs in various industries. In accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise institution, the company follows the service policy of “responsibility, attitude, service, and professionalism” to provide honest, high-quality, efficient, safe, comfortable, and convenient services to the majority of enterprises. Repay every customer who uses our services with the highest and most professional results. The company will catch the current development opportunities, firmly grasp the initiative of competition, further improve the level of service and professionalism, realize the common growth of customer value and corporate value, and make every effort to build a customer-leading, professional, efficient, and honest service company. It will become one of the important forces serving the development of social information in the country and will become an excellent company that is satisfied with customers, assured by shareholders, trusted by employees, and recognized by the future society.




• Professional experience staff
• Fluent Chinese and English communication
• Listening to customer issues attentively
• Handling problems bravely and smartly


• Work responsibility
• Attitude
• Service in place



• Work responsibility
• Attitude
• Service in place



• Provide services for all customer needs

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